Thursday, October 22, 2009

Double Duty Accessorizing!

What do you get when you combine easily bored with bargain shopper?  Clothes and accessories that are reversible--that's what!  And I'm ALL about it!  Stumbling on to anything that reverses sends me into designer heaven.  (About the only thing better is finding an accessory that does double duty, because accessories can often be more spendy than the outfit--but sooo necessary.)

One of my favorite finds is a reversable shawl from the Isabella Bird catalogue I can't tell you how many years old it is and how many times I've worn it.  I still love it too!  It was definitely worth the $60 I paid for it back then.

Next up would be my reversible Brighton leather belt  Their stuff isn't cheap, but since I could wear it two different ways I knew I'd be getting my money's worth.  The buckle has a cool little swivel that allows you to flip the leather to this great burgandy color.  Voila!
Here's another favorite quilted vest that's still a favorite.  Of course, black is a staple in my wardrobe--the color of choice when you're in the fifty-something category--so it's a no brainer.  The reverse is a luscious lipstick red that adds the perfect touch of drama when I need a little more pizazz. I picked it up at a Chico's outlet.  (I can't remember the exact price but it was significantly discounted.)
And yet another vest!  This one came from a designer boutique back in my hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the mecca for ALL outlet shopping!  It was an easy pick for me because of the cozy warm animalish-type fleece reverse.  (In my humble opinion every woman should have a leetle animal in her wardrobe or home.)
Incidentally, the silk variegated scarf in shades of blue isn't reversible but it may as well be.  The vibrant hues, ranging from light to dark, make it extremely versatile.

Double duty accessories needn't stop at your wardrobe, pulling them into your home decor is the wise woman's duty!  In today's economy who can afford to do less?  Here's a peak at my master bedding, custom made by Eastern Accents, one of my all time favorite companies.
I admit, you won't find any bargains there, unless you can buy at designer prices like I can, but you will find tons of exquisite fabrics and upholstered items for any room in your home. Surprisingly, their hand-painted pillows-- like the one pictured--are extremely affordable. (And, oh yes, all the bedding--including the hand-painted pillow--is reversible!)  

Well, thanks for taking my little tour today. I hope you'll agree you can easily double your accessorizing dollars by just thinking in reverse. Have fun!

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