Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Yellow Truck, Red Shoes...And Happiness!

No doubt about it, the Hostetter's history with vehicles is checkered, at best.  People who really know us would say, "Hostetters and vehicles?? No, they just don't mix!"  Unless, of course, it would be Methusaleh, affectionately known as the old yellow bomber, which has been with us about as long as we've lived in Wallowa County. He's a survivor, that truck is!  It was already old and named that when we bought it from Wayne Pickens, our first pastor, about 26 years ago now.  Rahn was so proud of that old truck when he first wheeled it into our driveway, I thought he'd burst!  I was mortified when he informed me he only paid $600 for it.

Sad to say, it wasn't long before the dear husband (DH) blew the engine on Methusaleh. Even sadder to say, that was just the first in a lonnnnnnng line of "blown" engines!  (I could digress about all the engines blown by various Hostetter family members throughout the years, but that would be a whole different story.)  This true tale, is more about one tough truck that's managed to survive us.  

As I think about it the hunk of old, rusted out metal deserves a medal for being such a faithful constant in our covenant life. For one thing, it helped raise four kids.  One of my fondest memories is thinking back to when Christi and her cousin Elizabeth, who stayed with us one summer, would hop into Methusaleh and motor off to Joseph in him. 

It was a hard start, at best, and not an easy shift either.  I can still see those two Sweet Sixteens smacked up against each other in the truck, as one would turn the key and the other would put the pedal to the metal.  Methusaleh would lurch forward like a shooting yellow rocket!  It took both of them to shift it too. 

The first time they tootled off to town, they never bothered to check if it was okay with us. Rahn, ever the sage man, figured their punishment would be their getting stranded. He just waited patiently, knowing they'd be calling soon enough to ask for help.  To our surprise about an hour later they showed up back at the house, each holding a dripping ice cream cone, grinning from ear to ear while double teaming old yeller.

Besides providing hours of entertainment and character building for four kids, he would proudly show up at our weddings...a subject already mentioned on this blog!  I can't imagine what a Hostetter wedding would be if we didn't have Methusalah there to represent us. It's become a family tradition.  He now even shows up proud and spiffy at our friend's weddings too.  Methusaleh is a real attraction and a Kodak Moment, for sure!  In fact, this past summer the old boy posed with famous blue's singer, Eric Bibb and blue's guitarist ,Darrell Brann (our dear son-in-law), when Eric appeared at the RimRock.  I think it was an especially proud day for the yellow rock star--not to mention Darrell.

If yellow trucks aren't enough, then there would be the red shoes that are starting to also become a tradition at our weddings.   I don't know if it's the fact that yellow and red go together so well or what, but red wedding shoes are a must!  I admit Christi didn't have them, but she and Darrell did pose with Methusaleh--if only I could find the picture!  I must say, credit must go to Caitlin for starting the red shoe tradition, and as you can see by the photos below, Anna continued the theme at her wedding.

Methusaleh is now technically owned by Darrell Brann, our son in law, who has done his best to redeem our family where cars are concerned.  He's a crack mechanic and has forgotten more about engines than we'll ever know.  Rahn's no fool and when he saw the opportunity to get someone in the family who actually knew how to work on cars and take care of them, he jumped at the chance.  (Okay, I admit Darrell had a few hundred other qualities too!) Whatever the case, we figure the bomber will have a much better life now, and also a much better chance of being there for the Branns as they carry on the family traditions. Well, I suppose Meredith is a ways from a wedding, but here's hoping that when that day arrives we'll still be around to see the covenant line continue with...a yellow shoes...and happiness. 


  1. Another tradition... naming cars! It just makes sence. Methusaleh, like any member of the family needs to have a proper way to be refered to. Granny Rice started it in our family, but of course she went so far as to name refrigerators and kitchen aids too ....

  2. Ha! Anna calls Henry's truck "Bender"! Your Granny is one of a kind.

  3. Is there a way I can link to your blog??


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