Friday, December 18, 2009

Look What Mom Got for Christmas!!

Well, if you've been wondering where the blog lady went, you can blame it all on me.  My name's Huck, AKA The Huckster, Huckleberry, Little Huck or whatever my new mom feels like calling me.  It's been a very busy week at Full Circle Ranch, and all I can say is no one's gotten much sleep around here--including me!  I've been nicknamed the Lil Yoddler, and I get going full steam around 2:00 AM. What did they expect?  I've never been away from my sisters and brothers, afterall. 
Luckily, most everyone thinks I'm pretty darn cute and if you agree, check out, cause I have a few brothers and sisters still waiting for their forever homes. In the meantime, I've had a lot of new experiences and made quite a few friends, but then again, I'm a pretty social guy.  Like I said, I'm thinking most everyone is real happy with me....well, most everyone!  There's one hotshot around here who thinks he's top It's not like I haven't tried playing with him or anything.  I guess some cats are just stick in the muds.  What's his problem??I hear there's a bunch of grandkids.  But so far I've only met one.  She seems to be A-OK too.  They call her Mer and she plays with me and plays the violin too. I like the music okay, but I sure wish I could sniff that violin...or maybe even chew on it justa a little! 

I guess things were prit-tee boring around here before I came, but I aim to change all that.  I think I'm especially goin to like mornings.  Can you believe they let me snuggle in with them before the crack of dawn....I wonder why?  Yep, it's just one big happy family!  We all pile into bed together, and I get to use my record-setting-long-tongue on anyone who'll let me!  (Anybody got a ruler?)
All in all, it's been a pretty doggone good week--thanks to me. I don't know what next week will bring, but I have a feeling the days are going to be just packed. I sure hope they can keep up with me!

~the end~


  1. Huckleberry is his name. Its hard to believe that little Huckleberry will be a cow dog someday......"Huck, go way 'round". But its also hard to believe that tongue is for real.....And there is no question about that! Rahn

  2. Beautiful dog. Impressive tongue!


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