Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Top New Year's Resolutions for 2010

This year I've decided to post my New Year Resolutions based on my top favorite reads for 2009 and how they've influenced me.

1. Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky-In a blink of an eye our lives could change and with the way it seems our country is headed, this may be a reality sooner than later.  We are seriously desiring to be debt free--whatever it takes.

2. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows-convicted me to want to write more letters, that is, good old fashioned snail mail letters.

3. Tea Time for the Traditionally Built by Alexander McCall Smith-Oh, how I want to be like Ma Ramotswe by spending more quality time with friends, preferably over tea.

4. West with the Night,by Beryl Markham-Markham's incredibly adventureous spirit--especially back then, when women barely did such things--makes me want to travel more; but particularly, to become more adventurous and less afraid.

5. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens-I read it almost every year, and it makes me want to give more generously--with NO strings or glory attached.
6. Writing Down the Bones-by Natalie Goldberg-I long to be a better writer and, shhhh-- this is top secret--in 2010 I dream of starting to write a modest publication about our life here in these Wallowas!

7. Honey for a Child's Heart by Gladys Hunt-It's an old read I brought round again after listening to a very good series of lectures on teaching writing given to me by my good friend, Doug Hammerstrom.  So, my resolution is to spend more quality time with my grandchildren, teaching them to love some of the great classics I love!

8. Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury-The burning of books theme makes me want to read more.  Lot's more...

9. Home to Holly Springs by Jan Karon-I don't know what made me drag my feet for so long picking up this wonderful series, but I love her stories on Father Tim featuring the joy of Christian community.  I want to be more actively involved in serving and enjoying the great Christians which lovingly surround us.

10. Massacred for Gold by R. Gregory Nokes-This true story reminds me to hate prejudice and to become more serious about studying and knowing more about the amazing valley I am priveleged to live in.

11. The Enchanted April by Elizabeth von Arnim-San Salvatore, the setting for this delightful British novel, tells me that my heart could and should be more expansive, ready to burst into bloom like the lush foliage at the Medieval castle four strangers rented together for a month in Italy. I desire in 2010 to have a greater capacity to love and be content with where I am.

What are your New Year's Resolutions?  Please let me know by posting a comment.  Oh!  And Happy, Happy New Year...see you in 2010!
~the end~


  1. Re 2. I beleive the charm and benefits that come with writing snail mail is that it forces you to think about what you should write. Not only do you take more time to feel things out, but you decide what's more important to say if it's going to take a day or few (or more) to reach its recepient.

    Re 6. This blog doesn't count?

    Re 8. Maybe I should read it again.

    My resolutions? Get into the habit of working out, develop better relationships, maybe read more, write more (I'm thinking 'a broken mold' here), graduate, get employed, and shall we say so on.

  2. Oh, by the way, nice header image. It fits well and looks decent.

    And I'd recommend dropping the counter at the bottom of the blog. Looks tacky and isn't all that helpful. If you do want to have some data fun, though, check out Site Meter or Google Analytics.

  3. Becky,

    This is my favorite post of yours....ever! It is a fantastic way to review your reading and look forward at the same time. Books are supposed to change us, after all.

    Love you,


  4. Becky, This is GOOD stuff! Made me think. Writing letters and a book is a great thing to aspire to. The loss of letters to telephones, email and (yeech)texting is a qualitative loss for our culture. Blogging is a qualitative plus - a redeeming feature of the digital world. The good stuff however need to find its way to something more permanent, ie. paper. Check out Blurb and get your musings bound and on paper.

  5. I don't see how writing letters is lost. You can still do it (it's just that postage is a lot these days). And you can just force yourself to write a long, thoughtful email, too.

  6. I like No 5 too. Charles Dickens. I just never outgrow it!


  7. Nat,
    Thanks for the insightful comments...I especially appreciated your thoughts on snailmail. I also agree with youon the counter. I put it on and don't know how to get if off! Suffice it to say I need my administrator to help!! Would you? Oh, and I should have mentioned the exercising as a NYR. I'm starting a class tonight!

  8. DCHammer & Carol, I'm always honored and thrilled if I make you think or comment! I'd like to think I learn from the best! Becky

  9. Silver, Thank you for your comment. I looked at your blog and especially loved your photo header and your style. I'm so new to all this blogging stuff that, I must admit, I feel I've "arrived" when I get a comment from someone I don't know--pathetic,hunh? Does that show desperation or appreciation? I think both! Whichever, I'm grateful you stopped by, and I'll enjoy perusing a new blog!


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