Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pink Peppers Give Away Today!

Good Morning dear Blog Friends!  I wanted to give a "plug" for a great giveaway going on right now at my dear daughter- in-law's blog
What a deal! A versatile sweater wrap from a cute little boutique in Leavenworth, Washington.

And as for me; well, today I'm showcasing my latest soap concoction.  I'm pretty proud of my Pink Peppermint Spa Bars. These are gorgeous, creamy, white squares laced with peppermint essential oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and other organic oils, along with pink Himalayan bath salts sprinkled in. 
Absolutely yummy!
I'm making another batch and if you'd like to order some, please let me know. (They sell for $6.00 and this new batch will be large rectangles).

Happy Days!


  1. This soap looks and sounds beautiful and almost like something you'd want to eat! I wish I could smell it now...

  2. Great photo of your soap. I will be contacting you to order some. Sounds wonderful! I have been buying local soap from a friend...peppermint/green tea and it smells wonderful too.


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