Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In Brief...

Bleh and boring Tuesday here, so I'm basically taking control of The Mouse (no pun intended) while Becky nurses a slight cold.
Actually, my main goal of the day is devising new ways of appearing incognito from YOU KNOW WHO.  (AKA One Whose Tongue is Infinite).  Hence, ye olde briefcase trick.

That tongue slobbers all over my extremely neat and altogether tidy person, ruffling my immaculately well groomed fur coat--altogether quite DISGUSTING.  I guess I could deal with that, but the Pouncing at Will is simply unexceptable; hence, the briefcase disguise.

I'm thinking that if I scrooch down even deeper I shall be invisible from Mister Pouncy Pants....

but wait......what is that black blob I sense lurking behind me??  Rats and Oh no, THE DREADED TONGUE!!!

Alas and alack...(slight lowering of head for greater dramatic effect ), what's a kitty to do?? I suppose he could just stay in bed all day where even that odious-long-tongued- creature couldn't reach him.

~the end~

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