Monday, April 19, 2010

Du, Du, Du Lookin' Out My Backdoor

When it comes to views, I have to say, there's nothing like the view out the back door of our destination restaurant, The RimRock Inn.  It sits on the breaks of Joseph Creek Canyon here on The Shire in Northeast Oregon.  The RimRock is thirty-four miles from Enterprise on Highway 3.  It's a twisting, turning track--more rattlesnake than road--linking Oregon to Idaho. The scenic pathway throws your senses into overload.
So the big news I hinted about in the last blog?  Well, probably no surprise, it's about the RimRock. Last week we made the decision to list it for sale on Loop Net, an online website that features motels and restaurants for sale.  It was a tough decision too. But, the Hostetters are slowing down and it feels good, though bitter/sweet! We've loved this property, its beauty, peace and tranquility, not to mention the wonderful food and camping experience.
If you've never taken a peek at this incredible spot, you really should before the website comes down! (But just in case, I'll post some of our favorite photos for all of you who read this blog and haven't seen our beautiful corner of the world.)
Honestly, I was struck anew, as I was posting the for sale listing, on just what a truly special  place The RimRock is. We will miss those hot summer nights on its deck, sipping the best Northwest wines and marveling at the ever changing panorama of the canyon at dusk.
We will miss the stunning views of hand painted, authentic tipis studding the canyon's ede.  We will miss the smell of sage and pine while dining on the deck and those hummingbird wars, where six or more of the tiny sippers could show up, jockeying for position at their feeders.
We will miss the extraordinary music events like our son-in-law's blues guitar, internationlly known musician, Eric Bibb, or a friend, Danny (a tenor with the San Francisco Opera).  One of his impromptu visits sparked an impromptu solo on the deck during a hot summer night. We will miss Chef Otto's melt in your mouth Filet Mignon.  In short, we will miss dining on the edge!  It is an awesome place in the truest sense of that overworked word! 
But, the times...they are a' changin!  And so are we.  Becoming debt free and  jump starting Rahn into semi retirement (in the not too distant future) is our highest priority. And besides, other adventures are calling...I can just feel it!

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  1. Becky,
    I got word from a friend who follows your blog. I am so thrilled to have been a part of the Rim Rock journey. I have so many memories of long runs down toward Flora, enjoying the views from the upstairs apartment, and of course cooking up some yummy eats in the kitchen for you all. Thank you for including me in your start up stages. I hope this finds you well and with great anticipation for the future. Bless you Hostetters. Love, Annie Easter


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