Friday, August 13, 2010

Gatwick or Bust!

We taxied to Victoria station without incident and found our way to the “Gatwick Express” which leaves at regular intervals to that airport. As luck would have it, the Express had not left yet. We quickly purchased a ticket and hopped on board. My nerves were strung tighter than a Stradivarius with Rahn wondering what was wrong with me. He said we were in good shape, but like I said, "Murphy’s Law" is always in the back of my mind.
EZ Rahn
But this time, he was right. We arrived at the airport and figured out where EZ Jet was with minimal difficulty. Someone told us this plane carrier was more like loading cattle and now we know what they meant--definitely no frills and kids serving on board! There was no real booth to check flight status. All we had was a huge monitor that showed all the EZ Jet flights. The one to Lyon kept flashing “To be announced”.
We watched and waited…and waited…and waited. While every other flight came up with a departure number; yet, ours kept saying the same thing—to be announced. Our flight time came and went and still no announcement as to where we were to board.  Fear and panic was setting in again! Were we at the right place after all? I have to say, EZ Jet was beginning to get a lot more complicated.
Suddenly, a departure number magically appeared. Everyone started moving and pretty quickly people were running in stark panic. I wondered why, and looked up at the monitor a second time, which now said-- “boarding closed”. How the heck could that be? It had hardly been two seconds ago that it announced a place where we could board!
We made it on the airplane and assumed the high drama was over, but was it? We were now over an hour and a half behind schedule. The Lyon time change put us 2 ½ hours later and our arrival now at nearly 11:30 at night. (In addition, we had now been up almost 24 hours.) At that hour, would we find a ride from the airport to Lyon?
(Stay tuned for another installment, coming soon, of “My French Memoirs".)


  1. The skilled craft of suspense!!! Love it Becky.

  2. C'mon Becky, you're killing us with this serial! What happened next?

  3. oh dear, typical easy jet !

    loved the comment of served by kids !! so true !

    i hope the flight to the uk is far more easy for you.
    looking forward to seeing you on friday, the weather forecast is going to be good, rain stopping for the weekend, looks like it will shine on us !
    take care and happy travelling


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