Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Raspberry Heaven

Sitting in a little cafe at the top of the world in Beynac, France (at least our world of the moment) were flowers bigger than pie plates in a bed next to our table. Their papery thinness made me suspect they were fake--they had to be,  right?   Wrong!  In all my life I don't believe I've ever seen a more lucious shade of raspberry on anything, including a raspberry!  But wait!  There it goes again!!  
I was about to experience the exact color phenomenon one second later. Hearing a  loud whooshing sound in the sky next to us, we looked over and much to our amazement up popped a huge hot air balloon, floating so close to us we could almost reach out and touch it.  Even more unbelieveable, it was in the same shade of raspberry. 
Wow! Two extraordinary serendiptious happenings and both in the same shade in one day.  It was sensory overload and a grande finale to another long but lovely day in France.
~au revoir~

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  1. The hot air balloon picture is incredible. It looks like a dream...
    Can't wait to see you! Love, Anna


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