Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday's Slow Song

I gaze in amazement
At the icicles hanging from the tree,

glistening with life
For one brief moment

I am suspended in time

Able to let go of all my strife

By seeing how they dazzle with infinite beauty

and unknowable wisdom

Of their being able to just be

As I look more deeply

My eyes wondrously see

How the full moon catches them

At just the right angle

and with just enough light

To give me a new view

Of how beautiful Winter truly can be

By simply letting go of what is untrue--Savanah Skye

I awoke this morning to the slow dance of winter. The signs were everywhere, from the frigid 0 degree reading on my brass thermometer, to icycles--their spindly fingers suspended in a frozen still life--creating a fantastic one-of-a-kind art work, dangling off my roof.  It is only fitting for this day to unravel slowly and simply, in celebration of this happy occasion--Saturday. And this is not just any Saturday, this is a Saturday with no comittments other than enjoying our lovely covenant home and life together during a quiet winter season.
We began it early with a lovely fire roaring in our stone fireplace, snuggled in with mugs of cocoa, frothed to a frenzy, by our favorite cappacunio pump purchased in Italy. Our reading aloud companion of the moment is C.S. Lewis, essays on prayer.
In keeping with s-l-o-w and e-a-s-y, a brunch featuring fresh apples, pan-seared with a touch of lemon juice, cinnamon and brown sugar, will start the day.

For dinner, a medly of brightly colored fresh baked veggies, served alongside an assortment of good cheeses and Greek olives, has already been prepared. The rest of the day will unfold however it chooses, and I--for one--am relishing that. 


  1. I'm taking a breather from cleaning for a minute. It is a stay-at-home-Saturday for us too. Lovely. Lovely, lovely. We feasted on a frittata for brekkers, have lots of cobwebs to combat, baked potatoes in the oven for soup later. I'm working on a mental Thanksgiving plan as I clean. Isn't it great to be at home with your own home?

    Love you,


  2. MMMMM, baked potato soup--tiz the season for that! I am slow to figure out all this stuff, but want to link to you. Are you the computer wiz or does Collin help?

  3. sounds like a perfect Saturday morning! I love Saturdays at home...

  4. I just had an incredible meal of Swedish mushroom soup, spinach salad with pear and pomegranate and a roasted Hatch chile appetizer. Why am I drooling over these pictures. Very inviting fire as well.

  5. Also wondering why I can't put a question mark at the end of a question.?.


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