Friday, November 13, 2009

My Three Quilts

The three quilts are finally done and here they are--one from Column A, one from Column B and one from Column C  (please vote on your favorite)!  Now that the project's finished I've decided that making quilts falls into the category of bowling. What? You aren't following this line of logic?! Let me s'plain it. Once a year I go bowling just to remind myself of how much I hate it...nuf said. But no offense to Charlotte, my dear friend, who graciously agreed to the bright idea of "me" making baby quilts. (And let's be honest, she did most of the work.)
Never fear, dear reader, there were a few more "Lucy and Ethel" moments cutting out the fabric, with yet another trip to the fabric store to buy more material to fix the goof we made on the middle quilt. If you look closely on the center quilt (please don't) you'll see the middle part wasn't supposed to be made up into those small square patches. Unfortunately, when we got to the store we found out our favorite monkey pattern had swung itself out the door.  Charlotte, who invented "The Monkey of Necessity", quickly rearranged plans, suggesting we pick up another cute red dot print to mix with the little bit of monkey fabric left over. Actually, it's my favorite rendition.  (Oh! I also have a flub on quilt 3! Can you spot it? Okay, I'll never tell!) 

Though imperfect, I've kind of fallen in love with these guys and lovingly refer to them as "The Sock Minkeys".  The reverse side is a delicious orange textured dot fabric (called Minky) that is so soft and snuggly, no baby will mind the few minor defects.  And I think any baby will love the brightly colored silly mug shots of all those naughty little monkeys. Who knows? Maybe I'll just have to keep them!

~the end~

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