Sunday, December 6, 2009

Private Quarters

Whew...what a week here at Full Circle Ranch!  Thank goodness my DDIL (dear daughter-in- law) was here to help me get ready for the office Christmas party (I'll post more on that later). But for now, let's just say Christmas is in full swing, and I've only now had a chance to turn my thoughts to Christmas shopping.  For me, living where I do, it's usually catalogue shopping, which can have its obvious pitfalls but also its advantages.  For one thing, you tend to spend less.  Retailers know that when you are in their store and you can see, touch and feel the merchandise the consumer is more apt to buy more. 
This year I am doing a lot of Private Quarters shopping because--for one thing--I became a consultant for them.  I certainly have no desire to have a business, but since we sold our little boutique motel and I don't have access to wholesale prices, I thought this would be the next best thing.  Plus, I am  totally sold on their excellence as a company with regard to value and quality in their gorgeous bath and body product line-up.
I became a true believer after purchasing "the blissful bed" components from them as well as their towels.  All of the items have held up beautifully and I still love each and every thing I've purchased.  In addition, they have a money back guarantee and you can send anything back for free!  Since I have my PHD in bedding, I figured this will be an easy leap for me!  

I was shocked to find out that to become a consultant cost just $199 and the kit they delivered to me had merchandise valuing almost $600!  The most fun was putting up the miniature inflatable bed complete with mini mattress pad, down feather bed, duvet/cover and leetle tiny sheets. I think my granddaughter Isabella will want to sleep in it--not to mention Boyfriend! The company has generous sales and incentives so this has pretty much been my "one stop shopping" place.  And now that I'm a consultant, it can be yours too!  (I hesitate to say this because I don't want to appear pushy, but just wanted you all to know in case anyone out there might want to buy anything through me.  Just let me know. 
For any orders totaling $75 or more that I receive before December 11 (which means you'll get it in time for Christmas) I'm throwing in a little free give away from the catalogue.  Oh, and just so you know, PQ drop ships too.

I have so many favorites from PQ but here are some of my top picks:
Northwoods Collection-the company's best seller--a microfleece piece of heaven
Superior down featherbed
Superior mattress pad cover (its super thick and cushy)
Spa ribbed towels-gorgeous shades and they get better with each washing
Serenity Spa Sheets-butter soft in six colors and absolutely my husband's favorite, who constantly comments on them when he gets into bed at night
All the faux fur items and especially the overnight totes, which if you spend $75 or more,  are 40% off!
In the meantime, I'm thankful for my blissful bed during this season because I have lots of long nights ahead of me, so falling into it each night will be sheer heaven.  Ho Ho Ho!

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  1. I'd love to get some of those amazing sheets once I'm settled!


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