Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Free Give Away of my Skincare Line Principia at www.

Good morning all you beautiful people!  It's a chilly 4 below here in Wallowa County and I'm taking the day off from blogging because for the first time ever, those beautiful women at a guest blogger on their website today...little ole' me!  It's all about my skin care line Principia, an amazing organic line from where the root of all beauty begins--Mother Nature.  So, be sure to go to, where you can read all about it and then enter to win a bottle of Reficio, Principia's serum, a $40 retail value!  This is quintessential Principia and the anchor of our skin care regime! Think of it like medicine for your face only better! Our organic serum is packed full of all of nature’s best healers without the harsh chemicals.
After you read the Principia story, I have a little mental exercise to put you through.  Ask yourself, "Why am I spending so much for skincare that uses synthetic chemicals?" (Of course, this is assuming you use the major lines like Lancome, Este Lauder, Clinic or more closely related to my skincare, Arbonne.)  But don't take my word for it, go to those websites and take a look at their prices.  And then try to find all their ingredients listed.  You won't, with possibly the exception of Arbonne. 
Principia  really is unique and it really is better than those other guys. ..really!  It features D.M.A.E. , which is an acronym for a very long word for a naturally derived substance that works at the cell level, aiding in firming and plumping the skin.  While I admit nothing is a miracle, D.M.A.E. has been clinically tested and does help with sagging over the long haul as well as short term.  If you start comparing prices of skincare that uses D.M.A.E. and there are a few, you will be astounded at the cost!
So to sweeten the Pink Peppers giveaway, A Covenant Life is giving away Reddo (Latin for to return) the Under Eye Creme.  it retails for $48.  In addition to the benefits of D.M.A.E. this 1 ounce jar of richly formulated creme for the thin and sensitive skin under the eyes is a wonderfully nourishing “eye cocktail”.   It's vegan certified too!
The first five people to email me will be the winners of this lovely product.  Good luck!


  1. So... are you giving 5 Eye Creams away here too!!??

    I all about the vegan thing ya know.

    Thanks for your beautifully professional post on our pinkpeppers site!

    By the way I am loving the Guernsey and Potato Peel Pie Society. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. It's a cryin' shame a comment can't be edited once it's posted.
    I meant to say, "I'm all about the vegan thing," NOT, "I all about...."


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