Thursday, December 10, 2009

On the Road Again!

Shhhhh!  I know a secret, but you've got to promise me you won't tell Rahn...I hear there's a leetle party in the works for him  at the office to celebrate the return of his driving priviledges.   He thought he might be able to accomplish it sooner, so yesterday he sashayed into the D.M.V. office just in case they'd take pity on the poor pathetic boy.  They didn't.  The nice lady at the D.M.V. office said, "No, that won't happen until Friday.  Now Mr. Hostetter, when you get your license back, your going to start using that cruise control, right?" 
What was she thinking?  As far as I'm concerned it should be called the "dreaded" cruise control.  Let me tell you what I know about cruise control and men--they don't mix.  I've figured out that it's a macho kind of  thing for guys, because once its set, they seem to think they can't use their brakes.
"Brake!  I can't," Rahn yells, as we go careening through Enterprise at 60 mph, "I've got the cruise control on!"  (He has to speak loudly because the engines are roaring.) Woe to any man, woman or cat who dares cross his path then.
Anyway, I hear it's going to be quite a party, complete with a Certificate of Achievement for Cheerfully Completing Thirty Days of Driving License Suspension (I think they should give this to me). 

Office receptionist, Tami Phinney, is the mastermind of the festivities.  She's arranged to have the  "doctered" picture of him (above) taken at last year's Christmas party, donning his Harley scarf (given to him by Matthew Harley, an office employee who got his name in the gift exchange) while "On the Road Again", by Willie Nelson, is blasting in the background.  Then he'll be given his Christmas present for 2009, a cruise control. 

Remember, mum's the word, seriously.

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