Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Eating Grapes in Heaven

In the Wallowas spring comes late. I know this and yet every year hope but not spring is eternal within me.  There are many signs spring is lurking; yet, in my heart I know that more than likely it will pass and suddenly...summer.
One of the many signs that gives me a slight hope spring may be upon us is the Golden and Bald eagles, who gather together in a field--like a clatch of old gossiping women--fighting over a still glistening cow afterbirth. I've seen 6 to 8 of those magnificent birds at any one time there.
And on the prairie buttercups have been out for weeks, struggling to stay abloom despite the blasts of freezing winds and spitting snow showers.
The fact that the first batch of newly dropped calves here at Full Circle Ranch have been branded and are ready to go out on spring pasture tells me that a new season must be on its way. But you wouldn't know it by the temperatures here.
And then there's the fact that I meet myself coming and going. (That's always a sign of the season too.) I am too busy and it is a tired worn out excuse, I know. This spring is no different, except the added responsibility of teaching a literature class for the local Christian School Coop. In addition to that (and many other things) each Tuesday I take care of Christi's two youngest children so she also can teach at the Coop. It is a day I cherish and the reason I've suddenly shaken my writing lethargy to repeat a Bellaism (Isabella, my 5 year old granddaughter) uttered yesterday.
She informed me that if Mimi (my mother) died, it would be okay because:
She would go to heaven and eat grapes with God and drink the best wine.
If this is true, I believe my mother will be sorely disappointed...she does not drink wine, under any circumstances...
Now that I've conquered the white (as we writers say), did I ever tell you about the time in France when I had to climb over the wall of our 5 star Chateau in order to get back to our room for the night? NO?! Well, stay tuned...

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  1. I love this picture! I loved that day=) And I'm glad you're over the white! You've inspired me... check out my new blog:

    I decided to go with blogspot. I couldn't figure out the other one.


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